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One of the old longstanding comic review websites @AintItCoolNews has posted a review of TrackSuit Man.

“I love comic books. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes along and proves that it really is the best medium out there. There really are no limits as to what a story can be about.

…this guy in an airport and a complete jerk, and Mihalovich paints that picture well, aided by cartoonish artists GB and Michael Kelleher. This comic is great in that it is a positive, entertaining, and creative way to air ones’ frustrations.”

Please take a moment to read the review article. It was a pleasure to read.

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“The way the set of micro-tales in Track Suit Man is told is brilliant in how entertaining it is. Aside from the art and page layouts, Mihalovich narrates the stories in first-person, and his observations are tremendous in setting the mood. Even better, the concise but witty style of commentary he uses in his narration is perfect in this environment. Nothing too dramatic, but the gravity of Track Suit Man‘s antics are not overlooked, either. The overall package presented these pages is brilliantly entertaining”

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3 Million Years:

“The style of the reading is an excellent experience – it reads smooth and its funny, this is a different entertaining read.”

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Fantaffx (Comixology):

“an unconventional comic and its unconventional approach to storytelling fits.”

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AIPT (Adventures in Poor Taste):

“I know this, after reading this you’ll wonder if this book should be distributed at airports so when Track Suit Man does rear his head, we can all shame him or her into being a normal person.”

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Track Suit Man is the Winner!



3 Millions Years: 10 Questions with Len Mihalovich of Lenovations Press

In the interview we talk about Track Suit Man and the emerging world of digital comics.

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The Angry Geeks (podcast):







Interview at the Bing Con with this podcast.

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Fan Feedback:


If you like reading about people’s misadventures on social media then this may be the comic for you.


Len, developed this comic figure; he flew regularly with this person and would report his outrageous antics and disgraceful behavior as he boarded the plane each week. A small but dedicated group of “followers” watched and waited for our weekly “installments,” and it seemed that this guy outdid himself every week as his conduct became more depraved and increasingly shameless. Finally, everyone can meet and be astonished at hideous behavior that knows no bounds, embodied in…Track Suit Man.


WOW! Like it…,read it…, download it,… share it,… enjoy it, as I did. Good job Len!… I love it.


Check this out! MY good buddy has just released this book, available in fine comic shops and through digital download. Support your Indy comic guy!


One of my colleagues is releasing a comic inspired by some of his more memorable travel experiences. It falls pretty firmly in the non-fiction end of the spectrum, and showcases a number of different artists who worked on the project. Both frequent fliers and folks inclined toward comics and graphics novel as a medium might be well-served to check it out.


Very cool!! Check it out this Fun/funny new comic book out neighbor/friend wrote!! Available for purchase now.   Maybe he will do an autograph signing someday this summer at B-bay park?!


things you’ve seen happening when travelling for business and always wanted to be put down in writing! check it out. everyone has a nemesis like Track Suit Man.


How cool is this… one of our very own residents just wrote this awesome comic book. We are famous.. sort of… ha! Check it out and buy your copy today as you will all be famous. … sort of …. good stuff!


Just bought mine! Amazing work


Have been waiting for this for a long time


It’s like Christmas Day!


Just ordered my print copy….can’t wait!!!


my print copy is on the way.

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