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Recently they reviewed Track Suit Man.

I won’t reprint the entire interview but here are some of the comments:

“The way the set of micro-tales in Track Suit Man is told is brilliant in how entertaining it is. Aside from the art and page layouts, Mihalovich narrates the stories in first-person, and his observations are tremendous in setting the mood. Even better, the concise but witty style of commentary he uses in his narration is perfect in this environment. Nothing too dramatic, but the gravity of Track Suit Man‘s antics are not overlooked, either. The overall package presented these pages is brilliantly entertaining”

To read the entire interview please click here or go to

2 Responses to Panels On Pages Reviews The Adventures of Track Suit Man

  1. Tom Skarizzi says:

    I walked out of the comic store and for the first time in a great while . was excited about a purchase.

  2. HQuarters says:

    I’m thinking of writing a similar type blog post in response to my travel experiences. Do you mind if I connect to your website from my article?

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