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Still, the crackdown has hardly gotten rid of the problem: Amazon is playing a classic game of regulatory Whack-A-Mole, stamping out one group commissioning fake reviews only to see another pop up right away. And with 30 million reviews coming in each week, Hollenbeck thinks the company may not be aiming high enough. "If Amazon punishes actual sellers a bit more, that would change incentives," he says. "Their current way is to delete at the reviewer level and not to punish the seller. They're not taking this quite as seriously as they should, and that shows up in the way they regulate it." The scam is pretty easy. A company making a generic product in Shenzhen or Chennai uses an intermediary to set up a Facebook group, Twitter account, or Telegram channel with a name that attracts users looking for free merch. Private groups like "Amazon Product Review" and the more clandestine "R**fund Aftr R**vew" bring in tens of thousands of people willing to write a few sentences and take a couple pictures in exchange for a product - and maybe $5 to $10 on top. (The cash bonus is usually paid on PayPal, which Amazon does not use.)

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