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Panels On Pages Reviews The Adventures of Track Suit Man is your one stop shop for all things nerd – comics, movie, TV, and more.

Recently they reviewed Track Suit Man.

I won’t reprint the entire interview but here are some of the comments:

“The way the set of micro-tales in Track Suit Man is told is brilliant in how entertaining it is. Aside from the art and page layouts, Mihalovich narrates the stories in first-person, and his observations are tremendous in setting the mood. Even better, the concise but witty style of commentary he uses in his narration is perfect in this environment. Nothing too dramatic, but the gravity of Track Suit Man‘s antics are not overlooked, either. The overall package presented these pages is brilliantly entertaining”

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3 Million Years Reviews Adventures of Track Suit Man

3 Million Years is a website that focuses on digital comic offerings.  The owner/founder professes that he lives too far away from a local comic shop to make going there feasible.  So for this reason he has turned his attention to digital comics.  Finding much more to offer than the big two he has read and reviewed many many books which are outside of the mainstream but worth a look.

Here’s what he said about Track Suit Man:

“The style of the reading is an excellent experience – it reads smooth and its funny, this is a different entertaining read.”

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